Purple City

One day, while sitting by a brook, an old man noticed a steady trickle of water hitting a rock. It was only a drip, but it was constant – drop after drop after drop. The old man observed something incredible: a hole had been carved out by that steady drip of water.


We can have that drip of water. I may be only one person, and you may not have the biggest budget, but what makes us the best and stand out the most is our drip of water. This drip trickles into millions of lives and changes the industry forever.


Hi there!


My name is Ezrie Myers, currently the Director Of Ecommerce at Utensil Empire Corp. In 2017, I attended Santa Monica College for a degree in Marketing. While attending college I built websites and helped small businesses grow through marketing technics I was learning in class. My specialty is startups and growing sales leveraging a small budget. I enjoy solving problems and helping companies grow in tough environments. 


In my previous position, I was responsible for solutions for E-commerce at Pet Food Distributors, a holding company for five industry-recognized pet food suppliers. These companies include New York Bird, NYBS Wholesale, Global Pigeon, and Happy Bird. We are one of the biggest importers of European pet food. We have stores on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and eBay.  


A fast-growing small company provides great opportunities to perform.

In my first year I accomplished the following:

  • A complete overhaul of three of our eCommerce websites and created a company website for the holding company petfooddistributors.com

  • Developed our Google AdWords and email marketing program bringing in $1,000,000 in net new sales. 

  • Implemented a new system to help with WMS and Fulfillment addressing the increased orders created through AdWords and E-mail marketing. 

  • Under my redirection, we revamped the current inventory system and implemented a picking system monitored by hand-held scanners. This program reduced picking time and reduced negative reviews from missing products. 

  • A 25% rise in sales and a 100% rise from marketing through Google, email, and social media. Amazon store sales are up by 22%. 


I believe my skills and knowledge can help any company grow. My background speaks for itself and my drive and hard-working mentality adds to any team. 


My goal is to help each company I work with grow beyond their set space. 


I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how I can help your company grow.

Ezrie Myers

443 473-2293