E-Commerce Project Director

When I began at Pet Food Distributers in 2020, digital was, surprisingly, relatively new to the brand and it’s business. Pet Food Distributers had 3 different websites, and was in dire need of a design and technology overhaul (so things could really only go up). 

In my time there, I’ve lead a wide range of exciting and challenging projects including a CMS migration, a carefully phased out and iterative approach to a massive overhaul of our digital presence, and have introduced and tested many new experiences. My areas of focus have included the user experience and optimization, as well as advertising. Pet Food Distributers audience has grown in my time here from a 500 thousand dollar business to 3M+ dollar business.

As the Head of E-Commerce & Design, my goal is to always marry business and brand goals with user needs by constantly testing new ideas, talking with users and understanding data.

Some of the more important consumer facing projects I’ve worked on include a mane menu redesign, category and homepage redesigns focused on advice and products recommendations. I launched new brands such as Happy Bird and Natures Harvest.

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