12 Reasons to expand your business from Amazon.

Updated: Sep 1

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Why should you expand from #amazon? I have worked with companies that felt Amazon is the worst and a destruction to #ecommerce and others that felt the entire e-commerce world was on Amazon and Amazon only. With this mentality, you're not diversifying, and you're missing a percentage of the market. A complete e-commerce plan should have multiple channels #selling your products.

I will go over 12 reasons you should diversify your e-commerce business and expand your business to other channels.

  1. 48% of buyers shop outside of Amazon.

  2. Multiple channels reduce risk, it is a form of security and insurance.

  3. You will still have cash flow even if you are restricted by Amazon.

  4. You diversify your income and create greater buyer awareness.

  5. You own your customers.

  6. You can ask for positive feedback and reviews.

  7. You can find less competitive markets.

  8. You avoid ruthless product hijackers.

  9. You can ignore price wars.

  10. You don't pay Amazon fees

  11. You can be in any category you want.

  12. You remove yourself from Amazon's control.

Amazon is a great place to sell on and definitely should be on your e-commerce strategy, yet my goal is to help you make it only 40% of your income, not a complete 100%.

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