12-Step Program to Expand off Amazon

Updated: Sep 1

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Suppose you're like most #Amazon sellers/resellers. Your weeks seem to look all the same.

Fighting with overworked, undervalued Amazon support on why your product is being restricted for no reason or, worst, taken down. Monday, your team is brainstorming a new strategy that, in most cases, will be changed for a new one the following week—fighting with the Asian market on pricing and products. Amazon is a rough market that is getting more expensive by the day with #PPC and complaints. The profits aren't there anymore.

Over the past few months, I've been working with Amazon sellers that used to see significant success on Amazon, but lately, they've been running into trouble. I created a plan that would allow us to start bringing in sales outside of Amazon with a zero-dollar #marketing budget.

Yes, you read that correctly, a zero-dollar budget!

Within this time, I created a website for them and then expanded them to other #B2B and #B2C marketplaces. I've developed multiple departments and laid the groundwork for significant infrastructure and #growth.

I've launched the brand on wholesale channels and helped sell them to companies abroad.

Overall, with a zero-dollar marketing budget, we've increased sales to over 10%.

Amazon is excellent, and #FBA makes selling so painless, but now that the tides have turned, how can companies survive? I've created the 12-step program to help you get over your Amazon addiction.

Unfortunately, just like the 12-step physical addiction, this will be hard work. And just like in physical addiction 12-step programs, you will need support.

And I am here to give it, in a series of articles.

1. A detailed review of your Amazon account

2. Design a logistics plan

3. Launch a stand-alone website

4. Select the right consumer marketplaces to expand into

5. Launch into the consumer marketplaces

6. Identify wholesale marketplaces

7. Launch into the wholesale marketplaces

8. Using the consumer response and wholesale responses, build an integrated marketing plan

9. Execute your marketing plan

10 Rebuild your marketing plan based on the successes/failures.

11. Create a direct sales team for wholesale

12. Watch your profits rise and look for places to expand

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