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One of the questions most sellers on #Amazon ask when expanding to new markets is “how will I store my products and then get them to my customers?” With Amazon #FBA all these questions are answered with a small percentage of your profits. But when it comes to outside markets they are scared. I've done the work for you. I've created an Addicted Seller Central Question Sheet to help answer your questions and help you create your logistics plan.

Find the link for your downloadable Addicted Seller Central Question Sheet HERE.

For the meantime here's an abbreviated overview:

  1. Have reliable and good suppliers

  2. Optimize inventory management

  3. Do you have a robust inventory symptom?

  4. No matter the system you use, make sure it aligns with your needs.

  5. Where will you keep your product?

  6. If you have been running an FBA business and don't have a warehouse, I've collected some great tools for you to use FBA to continue fulfilling your products.

  7. If you have your own warehouse, how do you ship your packages at a competitive rate?

  8. Can you offer free shipping?

  9. Now that you have your fundamentals down, can you meet deadlines and keep your word?

  10. Now that you have a logistics plan in place, go over it again to make sure it works for you and your consumer.

  11. After testing and creating a footing in the U.S., will you ship out of the country?

  12. Questions you need to ask when shipping out of the U.S.

See the full list in our Addicted Seller Central Question Sheet which can be found in the comments.

One thing to keep in mind: we live in a world of fast free shipping. Free shipping can be a potential competitive advantage for online businesses. The Baymard Institute puts the average cart abandonment rate at 68.8%. That’s more than two out of three. When shoppers were asked why they abandon the cart during checkout, 61% cited #Shipping. Take advantage of this, add free shipping to orders over $50 which helps you upsell your customer and increases your conversion rate for all orders.

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