eBay: Select the right consumer marketplaces to expand into

Do you sell the right fitting products for eBay?

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoor Equipment, Automotive, Motors & Marine, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Toys, Games, Hobbies & Crafts, Consumer Electronics & Photo, General Merchandise, Jewelry & Watches, Tools & Hardware

If your product fits into any of these categories eBay is the right place for you.

So why aren’t you leveraging the massive reach of this marketplace and listing your products? eBay serves over 1 billion listings to more than 180 million active buyers around the globe. Additionally, eBay offers consumers primarily new items (81% of listings feature new products).

It seems like an obvious move, right?

eBay Pros for Ecommerce Sellers:

  • Free traffic.

  • Less up-front work.

  • More brand authority.

  • Different revenue streams.

  • Risk mitigation.

  • More options to control your listings.

  • Auctions can drive prices higher.

  • Flexible shipping and return guidelines.

I've written up a starting guild on how to list products and optimize your products on eBay. I hope this helps.

Tips for Selling on the eBays Marketplace:

  • Research your competition.

To succeed against the high volume of competition on the eBay marketplace, you have to know what you’re up against. Make sure you’re looking at pricing, your competitor could be selling 10 times more because they price it a dollar cheaper.

  • Rack up great reviews.

Buying items through a marketplace isn’t the same as purchasing from a tried-and-true business, so it can be a little bit more difficult to earn customer trust. Reviews serve as a signal of trust and authenticity, which is critical to building your brand as a seller on eBay.

  • Ship faster than your competitors.

In the era of Amazon Prime, consumers’ shipping expectations have risen significantly. Fast shipping for free is the gold standard for selling on eBay and can give you a leg up on your competition.

  • Sync your website with your eBay profile.

Shopify syncs righ to your eBay profile alowing for high reward when it comes to business operations. This will enable you to keep your inventory, shipping, and distribution management all in one place, leaving less room for error.

  • Try using a fulfillment center like Deliverr

Using a fulfillment center allows you to make sure you never miss a shipment and are always on top of your inventory. It also allows you to worry more about your business than worrying about shipping out orders. You can also take advantage of Deliverrs fast tag program. Fast tags are badges that appear on your listings that advertise fast delivery. Activating these fast tags will increase conversions and drive sales on your listings.

Optimizing eBay Listings: Now that you’ve listed your products you want to make sure you receve sales. Heres a list of ways you can do that.

  • Product title.

Consider programmatically generating titles that are user friendly; for example, Brand + Title + Part Number (or other specifics). When selling products that have many configuration options, consider including them. For example, if you are selling mobile phones, include the wireless carrier and other specifics of the phone model for sale.

  • Product pricing.

Research your competition so you know your products are priced competitively compared to other listings.

  • Offer free same-day or next-day shipping.

Buyers’ expectations are only increasing. Consider offering free shipping, and build shipping costs into product pricing when possible. You may rank higher in searches when you offer fast and free fulfillment. Maybe it is time to look at Deliverrs fast shipping options.

  • Product item specifics.

While many item specifics are required, taking the time to also set recommended ones will lead to significantly more appearances in buyer searches.

  • Product photos.

If you’re using manufacturer photos that don’t clearly describe the product, adding high-quality photos will improve your listings and differentiate you from the competition. Things to Avoid While Selling on eBay:

  • Avoid keyword spamming.

  • Don’t duplicate listings.

  • Avoid including irrelevant links.

  • Missing your shipping promises.

Now you have the tips and tricks to be successful on eBay so go out there and start listing. If you need more guidance feel free to reach out.

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