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A strategic partner for anyone in the e-commerce field looking to scale no matter the size or the mission there's always one company in your corner. Since 2010 Fulfillrite has been serving the ecommerce and crowdfunding communities as a major player. Therefore, I've added them as a top contender for your fulfillment needs. Located in NJ, Fulfillrite offers a huge selection of great advantages when it comes to adding to your toolbox. I've had the pleasure of speaking with one of their reps who has offered me some more insight into the company and why Fulfillrite is a great pick for your business.

"Boost customer satisfaction and scale your business faster with a logistics partner that feels like an extension of your team.”

  • So, tell me about Fulfillrite and what is your mission:

Our mission is to help brand owners grow their businesses without worrying about shipping, pricing and logistics. We do that by shipping orders on their behalf. As a shipping and logistics company, we’ve shipped all over the world and we’re always looking for ways to do this faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

  • With all these e-commerce marketplaces, who can your customers integrate with you make is a one shop, shop?

We are integrated with all major platforms and shopping carts. That includes Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Lowe’s, WooCommerce and ShipStation. In total, we have over 25 integrations, so if you can name the system, we probably support it!

  • How big is your company?

We have between 25-50 employees depending on the season, so we always have enough staff to take care of your needs.

  • With all this competition what makes you stand out?

We stand out in two ways. First, we don’t use long-term contracts to lock you in. Second, we offer a lot of value-added services that other fulfillment centers don’t.

  • What are the advantages of using you?

•Because we don’t use long-term contracts, we let our service do the talking since you can leave at any time. You don’t have to take our word for it either – you can see tons of good reviews on Trustpilot, Shopify, and Google Reviews.

•Our standard shipping service is fast – we do 24-hour shipping along with same-day receiving. That means if you’ve got backorders waiting on a shipment, we can send them as soon as the day the truck arrives.

•In addition to providing good service, we do just about every e-commerce related job you can think of: kitting, Amazon prep, pallet shipping, and B2C parcel shipping. We also handle returns complete with an in-house refurbishing department. (This last part can really save clients money by not having inventory sent to another location for refurbishment!)

•We also have in-house computer programmers who let us customize our software around our clients’ specific wants and needs. We receive a lot of praise for our Client Dashboard as a result!

  • How many warehouse locations do you have? Do you ship out of the US?

We have a state-of-the-art facility located in New Jersey. From there, we can ship all over the world, taking advantage of our close proximity to ports and airports located in Newark, New York, and Philadelphia.

  • What are the fees for your platform? Are there different fees for the holiday season?

Our pricing varies based on your company’s needs, but I can say two things for sure – our rates are competitive and we don’t charge surge pricing during the holidays. If you want a quote tailored around your business, you can request a quote today and our sales team with follow up with you the next day.

  • People miss talking to a person when it comes to customer service especially when it comes to their business, so what's your customer service like?

•Being centralized under one roof has a lot of advantages! Our sales and customer service staff are in constant communication with our warehouse staff throughout the day. That means when problems arise anywhere in the business, we can all work together to solve them right away.

•This is reflected when we talk to customers. Each client has a dedicated account rep who they can ask questions, and our staff are empowered to find solutions that clients need.

  • One of the biggest fears when sending your product to a fulfillment center is what happens to damaged goods?

•We handle damaged goods in two ways. First, we process returns easily just as we process orders. It’s as simple to bring items back in as it is to send them out. With every return, clients have a choice – throw the items away, set them aside, put them back into inventory, or have them refurbished.

•That brings me to our second point. We offer in-house refurbishment services which allows us to fix some damaged goods so our clients can put them back on the market.

  • One of the logistics of using a fulfillment center is not having to pay for your own warehouse. And when it comes to manufactures shipping in from China can companies ship full containers to your warehouse?

Yes, you can ship containers to us. We can then unload them just as we would a regular truckload of items!


When it comes to fulfillment centers Fulfillrite is a top pick just look online to see the endless raving reviews and customer testimonials. With all their features and endless supply of inavation there's no other company in fulfillment like Fulfillrite. I want to thank Shaya Kletski, a wonderful salesperson within the company, who answered my questions and hopefully can give you the right direction. For more info contact Shaya or go directly to their website.

Interested in using Fulfillrite for your order fulfillment needs? Go to their website today to request a quote!

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