Selling On Faire: Select the right consumer marketplaces to expand into

Faire Wholesale is one of the leading marketplaces for sellers looking to connect with retailers. With over 250,000 buyers and 2 million connections made on Faire it’s now wonder Faire is one the top of our list of wholesale marketplaces to expand into.

You've figured out your wholesale costs and are store ready but is Faire the right pick for you?

Here's some easy to answer questions that will give you a better understanding of Faire and how it works.

  • Who much does Faire cost? Faire is free to us. Faire takes a 25% order commission on any new order and a 15% commission on any reorder. For any of your customers that shop through your Faire link Faire will take a 0% commission.

  • How do I get started? Setting up an account is easy. The first thing you'll have to do is apply.

Once you've applied, Faire makes it so easy to list your items and to create your store they'll do it all for you!

Apply Now!

  • How do I get paid? Faire makes it super easy to get paid. They take care of everything for you. All you gotta do is pick an option to be paid the day after the shipment is in transit or Net 30. Just be aware that next day payments incur a 3% processing fee.

  • What is Net 30? Net 30 states that the one holding the money has 30 days to release the money to you.

  • Who pays for shipping? After you've shipped your goods you can enter in the tracking and cost of goods allowing for Faire to cover the shipping expenses. Another option is Faire offers you to get shipping labels straight from their platform.

  • Can I connect my other stores to Faire? You can connect your Faire store with Shopify allowing you to sync inventory, catalog import and order syncing. This allows you to keep all your information in one place and keep all your products selling smoothly.

Now that I brought up connecting your Shopify store to your Faire store let me show you how.

1. If you don't have an account then after getting approved you'll have to fill out an onboarding form on step 6, select "Shopify" from the list of tools you are currently using and click "Save & Continue." If you already have an account go to “Integration” on the left hand menu.

If you're already a Faire seller skip to step 3

2. You will be taken to the Products page in your Faire Portal where you will select "Add Product Catalog."

3. You will be asked how you would like to add products. Select "Connect Shopify."

4. Connect your Shopify account. Enter your Shopify store prefix and click "Connect Shopify." The last part of your URL ("") is automatically filled in for you, so you just need to enter the first portion. Tip: Use “-” instead of spaces in your URL. You’ll get an error otherwise!

5. Then you will be taken to your Shopify Admin portal, where you will be asked to log in to your Shopify account using your Shopify admin credentials. Once the login screen pops up, enter your Shopify credentials to continue.

6. You are now connected! Click "Continue" to set up your pricing, select your products, and more.

7. Select products to import.

  • By selecting "All Products" Faire will import all products listed on your Shopify store.

  • By selecting a specific tag, Faire will only import the products with the chosen tag in Shopify.

8. How do you price your products on Shopify? Faire will use this information to set the pricing that you do not have on Shopify. If you select wholesale pricing, we will multiply existing prices by 2 to generate retail prices, and if you select retail pricing, we will divide existing prices by 2 to generate wholesale prices.

  • If your pricing structure doesn’t match the x2 formula, no worries! You can bulk edit your wholesale and/or retail prices during a later stage in onboarding.

9. Do all of your products have the same case quantity?

  • Different case quantity: you will be able to set up case quantity product by product.

  • Same case quantity: you will be able to set one case quantity to apply to all of your products.

  • My products aren't sold in cases: Faire will default to case quantity of 1 in this case.

10. Would you like to sync your inventory and orders for these products? Use the toggle to turn these features on or off, then select "Save Sync Settings."

  • Inventory Sync: Up-to-the-minute inventory sync from Shopify to Faire.

  • Orders Sync: Your Faire orders pushed directly into Shopify once they are accepted.

11. Review your import details. If you would like to make changes to any of your selections, select edit to make changes. Once all information is reviewed, select "Start Import."

12. Bulk edit your products. (This is where you can update your pricing!)

  • Edit Products: Make any necessary edits to your products' case quantity or pricing.

  • Publish Products: Once any changes have been made, publish your products.

13. Your products are added! Products tagged with the green “Published” are all set and will be ready to sell once you activate your Shop.

14. Review your draft products. Products that you did not activate or are missing information will be flagged as drafts and can be reviewed.

15. Preview your final shop! Select "Preview Shop Page" on the right-hand side of the screen.

16. And activate! The last step is to select "Go Live" from the right-hand side of the screen to activate your shop.

Another great opportunity Faire offers is letting you sell to your wholesale clients through the Faire platform with 0% commission.

With Faire Direct you can share your store via a link or just add a widget to your store so shoppers can utilize net 60 terms, as well as a sign-up offer of $100 off and 1 year of free shipping. That's a great way to win retailers to shop with you.

Another great opportunity is Faire invoices. Faire invoice allows you to send a custom invoice directly to your customers with a few easy clicks.

With Faires high 25% commission the best way to use their platform is to utilize Faire invoices. Be in contact with your Faire customers and convert them to invoice customers instead of them using Faire on their own.

How do you convert new Faire customers to regulars?

A great way to get users to continue coming back is with this easy to copy strategy.

  1. Congratulations you've received your first sale!

  2. After shipping out the order send and email to your new customer:

Thanks for your order! We're reaching out to inform you that your order was shipped. 
We would like to offer you a file with the photos of the products you've purchased and their full description for you to us. 
If you have any questions regarding our products or any other products we have please let us know.

  1. Take note of the customer's response and keep a list of all your wholesale customers, when you reached out what they said and when to reach out again.

  2. Reach out to your customers a month after they get their order. See how their business is going, how the sales of your products are going and see if they're interested in another order. Suggest another product you have that may be a good fit for them and offer a first time discount.

Now you've turned that one time order into a returning growing customer. As their business grows so will yours.

How to optimize a listing.

Start with the basics: be sure that your product names, descriptions, and images all match and refer to the same item.

To optimize your listings for maximum effect, you should aim for accuracy and quality across the following categories:

  • Product name

  • Product description

  • Product imagery

  • Product type

  • Catalog availability

  • Product name

Product names are the easiest way for retailers to find what they’re looking for. Use concise and detailed product titles that accurately describe the product you are selling. Include any unique characteristics about the product that you think retailers would want to see before clicking on it.

  • Make sure product names are between 35-50 characters with proper spelling and no unrelated keywords

  • For example: Leather Trifold Men’s Wallet - Tan is a better title than Mans wallet - holds everything. look stylish

  • Include keywords like color, style name, and descriptive features

  • For example: French Vanilla Votive Candles is a better title than Vanilla Candles.

  • Ensure proper title casing for product names; avoid all lowercase or all uppercase

  • For example: Lavender Patchouli Perfume Roller is a better title than LAVENDER PATCHOULI PERFUME ROLLER or lavender patchouli perfume roller

  • Avoid using the product’s SKU as the product name

  • For example: Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater is a better title than SWE12CN

  • Product description

Here’s your chance to go into detail about what makes your products special. Provide a thorough description of the product that includes all of the relevant information that a retailer would want to know before purchasing. Include key descriptive words and characteristics that you would like to highlight.

  • 3-10 bullet points describing key features

  • Consider features such as material, dimensions, country of origin, care instructions, and ingredients

  • A detailed paragraph between 150-300 characters

  • Proper formatting - avoid excessive line spacing and use appropriate capitalization (sentence case) as opposed to all capital letters or all lowercase

  • Include SKU here if desired

For example:

Our bestselling journal is perfect for writing, doodling, scrapbooking, and more. Thick, heavyweight paper means no ink bleedthrough, and a sturdy cover with an elastic strap keeps everything safe. Available in dotted, blank, and lined options and several colors to match any aesthetic.
6.5” x 9250 cream pages
150 gsm paper
Lay-flat binding
Ribbon bookmark
Interior back pocket

Product photography

A picture is worth 1,000 words, especially for retailers looking to buy exciting new products. Use multiple high-quality, high-resolution, centered pictures with a white background to make your product stand out and accurately depict your products. This will lead to higher conversion rates, which ultimately contribute to higher ranking.

  • Upload at least 2 professional photos

  • High-resolution: at least 1825x1825 pixels

  • Square images: if your images aren’t already square, you can edit them in the image uploader to avoid harsh borders

  • Apparel brands may find that rectangular images work better to fully display their products

  • Product types and categories

How you categorize your products will determine where they appear when retailers search or browse on Faire. We have created site categories that help retailers easily discover the kind of products that they’re looking for. In order to accurately categorize your items, each product must have a “product type” that you designate.

  • Choose the most accurate product type, which ensures your products are mapped to their relevant subcategory(s) on the site

  • Note that products without a designated product type will not appear in your brand shop or in search results.

Tips and tricks for growing your Faire business:

  • When listing your products dont list them all at once. You want to be offering new products every few weeks. This helps you rank higher and get featured more on the new product page.

  • Send out weekly emails to keep your customers informed and shopping.

  • Offer discounts and deals on products to help with your conversion rate.

  • When you ship out your order add a catalog into your order this gives your customers another chance to see what you offer.

  • Try using the actual case size your product ships in. If you're buying from a manufacturer dont worry about reboxing when you can ship out the original box. This also gives you your minimum order size for each product.

  • If you don't have a case size a good number to start with is a case size of 6.

  • One of the important things about selling your brand is understanding people don't know who you are so you need to capture their attention with images. Make sure you always use high quality images for all your photos.

  • Using a photo of what your product looks like with a white background allows store owners to imagine your product in their store.

  • Upload lifestyle images allowing shoppers to get a better understanding of what you're selling.

  • Make sure your cover image is clear and take this opportunity to show off any messages you have and any certifications your brand carries. This is your first interaction with your customers.

  • Keep a list of your customers and a month after their order was received give them a call to check in and offer them any new products you have seeing if they are interested in a new bigger order.

  • Just keep growing your product line.

Now that you've gotten an overview, will Faire work for your business?

Make sure Faire commissions will work for your business and products. Faire can be a great way for makers to get exposure, but with the high commission rates, it is important to really dig into your pricing before you get started on the platform.

If you need more guidance feel free to reach out.

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