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Shopify is an excellent platform for all-size ecommerce sellers to work off of. With the vast templates and plugins, there's so much you can do for your store. Yet Shopify can be a scary place if you're unprepared with over 3,200 apps. It can be overwhelming where to start.

I've broken down my top 12 apps and why I feel they should be considered by you while creating a Shopify website.

1. BytesSand- Bytestand allows you to sync your FBA with your Shopify store, making it a breeze to fulfill orders the way you've been doing it on Amazon.

2. GoAffPro- Affiliate Marketing is a great way to spread awareness about your brand and create an army of salespeople. GoAffPro allows you to create a seamless interrogation between sellers and your store, offering a user interface that allows your Affiliates to see their rings and grow.

3. Segundo- Launch email campaigns or set up automatic emails with the click of a button. Segundo is a great tool for anyone looking to implement email marketing into their marketing funnels .

4. Smile- Offering your customers rewards and a loyalty program is a great way to build on your CRO plan. Smile allows your customers to earn points when they shop and enable you to offer rewards for milestones like birthdays and celebrations.

5. Spocket- Offer your products as a dropshipper's dream. Sell more online while doing none of the work. Spocket allows its users to find the products they want and sell them on their website. Take advantage of other people's website space by offering your product as a drop shipping option.

6. ReConvert- Upselling to your customers is a great way to increase cart size and average order value. Re-engage your customers who just bought from your store.

7. BetterReplay- Ever wonder why shoppers don't convert to your website? BetterReplay provides live recordings of shoppers' sessions so you can see how people interact with your Shopify store and what items they look at.

8. Stocky- If you sell out of in-demand products, it can lower sales—and if you keep too much inventory, you can drain your resources. Keep track of your merchandise, see what's moving and what snot all in one place.

9. Product Reviews- Amazon has brought reviewing into the world in a big way. With Product Reviews by Shopify, you can allow your customers to review your products allowing for trust and feedback from your loyal customers.

10. SmartPopup- Create fun and informative pop-ups with SmartPopup by Secomapp, allowing you to showcase deals and surprises.

11. Wishlist Plus- Customers whose favorite items spend more. Allow customers to create a wishlist of their favorite products so they can shop for them later.

12. SocialMedia- Connect your social media to your store with Shopify's vast social media plug-in options. Sell more and convert your followers into customers.

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