Step-1: A Detailed Review of Your Amazon Account

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The first thing any business needs to do before opening new channels is to evaluate their brand. Who is your brand, what do you sell and who is your perfect customer? These are just a few of the questions we'll go over in the first step of the #12Steps to #Expand off #Amazon.

When you've been selling on Amazon for a few years, you know your brand inside and out. You know who you sell to and why they buy. Using programs like Helium10, this data is at your fingertips. But now, you are venturing into a different marketplace.

I've created Addicted Seller Central Question Sheets. In each step, you'll be asked to fill out 12 questions; each one of these questions will help you create the road map to your success.

Download the question sheet here to get started.

Here's a quick overview of each question:

  1. What is your product, and where is it's market?

  2. Who is your ideal customer?

  3. What are the top 3 selling points for your company and each of your products?

  4. How big is the market for each one of your products?

  5. Who are your biggest competitors?

  6. What does your logistics chain look like?

  7. What are the total costs and profits for each product?

  8. What are the competitors selling for?

  9. Do you have a structured cash flow chain?

  10. Have you developed a plan for adapting to change in the market?

  11. What does your future product pipeline look like?

  12. Finally, what are your targeted goals?

Now that you've filled out the question sheet, you have a baseline for each step. Moving forward, this sheet will help you in creating a logistics plan, in creating a marketing plan, and determining what markets to expand into.

Next Tuesday we'll be talking about designing a logistics plan.

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