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The #ChineseSeller is taking over #Amazon, with 75% of new sellers coming from China. It's going to get a lot harder and more expensive for American sellers.

This year there has been an increase of 28% in new sellers coming from the Chinese market due to intense domestic competition in China's online retail world. This forces merchants to seek new markets. It's no doubt Amazon needs Chinese suppliers for affordable and diverse products. But as competition heated up among Chinese sellers, #blackhattactics common in Chinese e-commerce became more common for Amazon sellers.

Black Hat Tactics Include:

  • Review Sabotage

  • Fake Reviews

  • False Trademark Infringement Claims

  • Draining Ad Spend

  • False Product Claims

  • Highjacking product listings

Chinese sellers have even more advantages over the US sellers:

  • ePacket shipping. (Shipping from China to the US is cheaper than shipping within the US)

  • Chinese sellers don't pay taxes

  • Most products are manufactured in China

Even the manufacturers themselves are jumping on the listings, undercutting pricing and reviews, allowing them to take top rank and undercut your listing.

These obstacles American sellers deal with are advantages for Chinese sellers, giving

Chinese sellers an unfair edge over American Sellers.

These challenges force American sellers to expand to sales channels beyond Amazon. That's why I created #AddictedSellerCentral. We are going to find ways to expand off Amazon.

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