Walmart: Select the right consumer marketplaces to expand into

In 2009 the popular brick and mortar store Walmart opened its e-commerce platform This allowed millions of shoppers to shop their low-priced goods from the comfort of their homes. Since then, Walmart has become one of the fastest-growing marketplaces and continues to roll out features that make it a more accessible platform to use for its sellers. According to a report, a whopping 26% of all U.S. shoppers planned to use Walmart for shopping during the holiday season.

Pros of selling with Walmart:

  • More than 120 million monthly unique visitors

  • Pay only for what you sell with no setup or monthly fees.

  • When you sell with one of the largest retailers like Walmart, you get access to some of the most innovative eCommerce solutions — advanced listing quality tools, advertising options, and expedited shipping programs that can organically boost conversion up to 50%, to name a few.

  • Walmart syncs with Shopify

Now that I've hopefully convinced you to sell on Walmart, let's discuss what it takes to sell on Walmart:

  • Do not use the same descriptive title if you're selling products on your website, Amazon, and other retailers. You'll see more search engine traffic when you use a different headline unique to In 50 to 75 characters, grab the customer's attention with what they should know at a glance about your item.

  • Search algorithms are looking for relevant keywords. The Product Description on is where you take advantage of keyword placement while providing a lengthy description of your product's benefits.

Test on – Type a keyword or phrase into's search box (e.g., "wireless computer speakers") and then look at the "Related Searches" Walmart gives you at the bottom. Some of these are likely good keywords to include, as long as they make sense for your product.

  • What will make more shoppers click on your product? Words seal the deal, but they're first drawn to your images and media. Shoppers are quick to forgive a typo, but poor-quality photos can end the session every time.

  • The Key Features section is where you get to hit the customer with fast facts. These details about your item should be short-selling points about your item. It's a great place to incorporate your keywords within four to 10 bullet points.

  • Why do so many shoppers search each day? Just as they do when they physically shop a Walmart store, they're looking for a great price on the items they need. How you price your item impacts how the Walmart algorithm reads your article and ranks you in a search.

  • This is a simple step you can execute right away. Online shoppers are drawn to free shipping. Even if your product is priced higher than your competitor's, saving on shipping costs feels like a deal. That's the first reason to take advantage of enabling Walmart's Free 2-Day Shipping on your items.

  • A customer searches for your item. Your item ranks high in the search list. The customer has clicked through to your item page. That's many wins only to present them with the "This item is currently out of stock" message.

  • Customer engagement on your product page will boost your search ranking over time. To keep customers on your page, provide them with rich content. Whether it's a video, chart, or interactive content, it helps inform the customer more and keep them engaged on your page.

  • Treating your customers well will have a significant impact on your search engine ranking. That boost comes via online product reviews. Shoppers trust these reviews and major e-commerce retailers mainly encourage feedback to track partnerships with their third-party sellers.

If you need extra help, you can choose to work with me, and I'll help you launch your store and get your products listed on Walmart.

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